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Bangladesh the AQSIQ certificate registered exporters list,
Waste plastic、scrap metal to China AQSIQ


Bangladesh the AQSIQ certificate registered exporters list,Waste plastic、scrap metal to China AQSIQ

(This list of statistics as of 2012-09-07)

Aqsiq Certificate Number
Company Name
1 Bengal AQSIQ certificate registered040037 PERFECT MEDIA INTERNATIONAL  
2 Bengal AQSIQ certificate registered040038 EVER BRIGHT PLASTIC CO.  
3 Bengal AQSIQ certificate registered040039 INTERLINK PLC  
4 Bengal AQSIQ certificate registered040041 BINCOP  LIMITED  BINCOP 有限公司
5 Bengal AQSIQ certificate registered040042 SKY PLASTIC FACTORY  
6 Bengal AQSIQ certificate registered040045 RAHBER ENTERPRISE  
7 Bengal AQSIQ certificate registered040047 M/S FAR EAST SYNDICATE  
8 Bengal AQSIQ certificate registered040048 SLS (PVT) LTD.  
9 Bengal AQSIQ certificate registered040049 J.B.S.ENTERPRISE  
10 Bengal AQSIQ certificate registered080085 AL-mizan Int’l Trading House Ltd  阿尔米赞国际商贸有限公司  


 Bangladesh the AQSIQ certificate registered exporters list,Waste plastic、scrap metal to China AQSIQ

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AQSIQ Certificate Sample           AQSIQ Network Application Process Legend

AQSIQ Application

Renewal Aqsiq

Increase class Aqsiq

Change Aqsiq

AQSIQ download the application form in English

AQSIQ download the application form in china
Solid wastes as raw materials imported foreign suppliers Implementing Rules for registration

AQSIQ waste Registered Exporters All Full List 2746 (September 2012)

oreign suppliers currently approved aqsiq registered a total of 2563 full list

The AQSIQ certificate method of identification guide



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