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AQSIQ Cotton Certificate
Registration of overseas supplier enterprises of imported cotton certificate request file



AQSIQ Cotton Certificate "Overseas supplier enterprises of imported cotton registration certificate"


1, "Registration of overseas supplier enterprises of imported cotton Application Form";
2, effective legal business registration documents;
3, supply the production / operation and quality control of basic materials;
4, organizations, departments and job responsibilities;
5, stable place of business or data processing facilities (plan);
6, the commitment to quality control of cotton (for sourcing and supplier commitment to quality control);
7, in the last year the cotton trade, there is no serious quality problems, found no harmful substances, no serious consequences of poor record statement
8, applicant quality control of the supplier's certificate;
9, the relevant Chinese laws and regulations.



AQSIQ cotton Certificate Sample


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General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People' Republic of China Bulletin on Implementing Registration Management of Overseas Supplier Enterprise for Import Cotton

Before exporting scrap materials to Chinese Mainland, the oversea company must register AQSIQ in china,our company can help the oversea company obtain the certification.

In order to strengthen the inspection and quarantine supervision of imported cotton, prevent from misdeeds in trade, such as defect or adulteration, and guarantee the quality of imported cotton, in accordance with Law of People's Republic of China on Import and Export Commodity Inspection and Regulations on Implementation Law of the People's Republic of China on Import and Export Commodity Inspection, General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of People's Republic of China (AQSIQ) decides to implement registration management upon the overseas cotton supplier enterprises who are going to export to China mainland (overseas supplier enterprises). Details are as follows:
1. Overseas supplier enterprises should submit the application for registration to AQSIQ from Sep. 15th , 2008.
A. A Supplier enterprise should meet the following conditions when applying for registration.
(1).The company should be a legal one in the located country or area.
(2).The company has a stable premise and a certain operation scale.
(3).The company has stable sources of goods and relevant measures of control over the goods.
(4).The company should be familiar with Chinese inspection and quarantine rules and regulations on imported cotton.
(5).There were no serious quality problems, no harmful substances and no bad records causing serious consequences in the last annual trade activities
B. When an overseas supplier enterprise submits application (entrust agent should submit the entrust agreement of the overseas supplier enterprise), written materials of Chinese version or Chinese/English bilingual version should be submitted according to related regulations:
(1). Registration application for overseas supplier enterprises on imported cotton.
(2) Effective and legal business registration documents or copy.
(3) Basic materials of operating materials and quality control of supplier enterprise.
(4) Other related materials required by AQSIQ.
C. The overseas supplier enterprise which meets all requirements after examination would be informed by AQSIQ. At the same time, the application can be accepted.
If there are some materials should be added, the applicant would be informed in 5 work days. The materials should be complemented in 20 work days, otherwise the application would be canceled.
D. AQSIQ will organize an evaluating team in 2 months to evaluate the applying materials of those accepted overseas supplier enterprises. If necessary, AQSIQ will implement on-the-spot evaluation of the enterprises. The on-site evaluation includes processing ability, quality control and management, testing ability, packaging and storage management, etc.
E. AQSIQ will register those which meet all the requirements after examination, issue registration certificate, and notice outside regularly. Those which are not qualified after the examination can not re-apply for registration in 2 months.
F. The registration certificate is valid for 3 years. The applicant should submit application of certification change and reexamination 3 months before the date of the expiry certificate if the enterprise is going to change the certificate. If there is any change in registered data during the validity, please submit the change application.
G. After examination, if the applicant hasn't submitted the real materials, the enterprise can not be registered. The already registered one will be canceled if its submitted materials are found false.

2. From Mar. 15th, 2009, when a company imports cotton from the registered overseas supplier enterprise, the consignee should provide the registration certification (copy) to the entry port inspection and quarantine institution, then the goods can be inspected at the destination after arrival.
When importing cotton from unregistered overseas supplier enterprise, the consignee should stipulate preshipment clause in the trade contract. Then, inspection and quarantine institution or the inspection institution with all required conditions appointed by AQSIQ perform preshipment inspection. The basic information of the overseas supplier enterprise and its eligible statement of goods should be submitted when a company declares for inspection on entry commodity inspection. After the arrival of the goods, the inspection and quarantine institution should reach to the first arrival port to unpack and perform on-site.

3. AQSIQ applies quality credit evaluation management to the overseas supplier enterprises. In accordance with the actual quality of the arrival goods and the guarantee circumstances, AQSIQ will adopt quality credit layer list management to the imported cotton overseas supplier enterprises and will conduct credit evaluation and supervision management per the concerned regulations.

4. The registration management of cotton supplier enterprises from Hongkong, Macao and Chinese Taiwan area are executed under this bulletin.

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