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Export food to China overseas traders,
AQSIQ application for registration agency services


According to the AQSIQ regulations
《Imported food export traders filing regulations》(In 2012 AQSIQ Order No.55th),
《Imported food Overseas production enterprise registration regulations》(In 2012 AQSIQ Order No.145th),

Food overseas exporters, Food exports to China after 2012-10-01, AQSIQ registration number must be obtained, Allowed to export food to China.


AQSIQ registered food types as follows:

  1. 1、 Meat --Aqsiq Registration
  2. 2、Egg and egg products --Aqsiq Registration
    3、 Aquatic products and preserved of aquatic products --Aqsiq Registration
  3. 4、 Traditional Chinese medicinal materials animal and plant origin --Aqsiq Registration
    5、 Grains and grain products --Aqsiq Registration
    6、 Oil and oil seeds --Aqsiq Registration
    7、 Soft drinks and drinking water --Aqsiq Registration
  4. 8、 Sugar --Aqsiq Registration
    9、 Vegetable and vegetable products --Aqsiq Registration
  5. 10、 Processed flavorings of plant origin --Aqsiq Registration
    11、 Dried fruits and nuts --Aqsiq Registration
  6. 12、 Other plant origin food --Aqsiq Registration
    13、 Canned foods --Aqsiq Registration
  7. 14、 Dairy products --Aqsiq Registration
    15、 Bee products --Aqsiq Registration
  8. 16、 Alcoholic beverage --Aqsiq Registration
    17、 Pastry biscuits and crackers --Aqsiq Registration
  9. 18、 Candied (preserved) fruits --Aqsiq Registration
    19、 Cigarette --Aqsiq Registration
  10. 20、 Tea --Aqsiq Registration
    21、 Processed flavorings --Aqsiq Registration
  11. 22、 Other processed foods --Aqsiq Registration
    23、 Foods for special dietary uses --Aqsiq Registration
  12. 24、 Others, please describe --Aqsiq Registration


AQSIQ registration required documents:


Exporters or agents shall be submitted for the record application form, provide exporters or agents name, country or region, address, contact name, phone, operating a variety of food products, fill in a form name, phone number, and other information, And promised to provide information in a real and effective. Exporters or agents shall ensure that in the event of an emergency contact by filing information with the relevant personnel.


Exporters or agents address, telephone changes, shall timely by AQSIQ modified. Exporters or agents name change, should re-apply for the record.


AQSIQ complete filing information exporters or agents to be filed. And published in the website of the State General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine. The published list of information include: filing exporters or agents name and country or region.


《Imported food export traders filing regulations》(In 2012 AQSIQ Order No.55th)

《Imported food Overseas production enterprise registration regulations》(In 2012 AQSIQ Order No.145th)


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