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Special use cosmetics imported file applications for administrative license


Special use permit imports of cosmetics executive

(A) the special use cosmetics, health administrative import license application form;
(B) product formulation;
(C) for Hair, body, breast products, and should be submitted to the effectiveness of the composition and use basis;
(D) of the production process description and diagram;
(5) Product quality standards;
(F) The inspection agency accredited by the Ministry of Health issued the inspection report and related information in the following order:
1, the test application form;
2, test acceptance notice;
3, product brochures;
4, hygiene (microbiological, physical and chemical) test reports;
5, toxicological safety inspection reports;
6, human safety test report.
(G) products of the original packaging (including product label). To be designed specifically for the packaging market in China, is required to provide product design packaging (including product labeling);
(H) product in the producing country (region) or country of origin (region) allows the production and sales documents;
(IX) from the occurrence of "mad cow" country or region of imported cosmetics, should be required to provide official quarantine certificates;
(J) reporting agents shall provide proof of principal-agent;
(K) review other information may help.
1 The above information is original, four copies. Attached unopened sample 1.

More countries (regions) can produce the same product declaration, one of the country of origin of products all the materials submitted by the above requirements, we must also submit the following materials:
(A) producers in different countries belonging to the same enterprise group (company) documents;
(B) the Enterprise Group's product quality assurance documents issued;
(C) the country of origin occurred "mad cow", the official quarantine certificate of mad cow disease should be provided;
(D) other products produced in the country of origin original packaging;
(E) other products produced in the country of origin of hygiene (microbiological, physical and chemical) inspection reports.
1 The above information is original, four copies.

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